Week 1: The Beginning

So let’s start with how this all began.

The idea of the Ketogenic diet is to be eating a high fat, grain free diet and consume only naturally occurring sugars (i.e. fruits) and reset how your body functions so you can start burning fat for your bodies main energy source.

The first two weeks of my diet consisted of only 20g of carbohydrates which only came from my vegetables, I also had no fruits or nuts and limited myself to stevia as my only sugar substitute. Which again was by choice there are quite a few other options but I liked the taste of stevia best and I only added it to my coffee.

(Now the carbohydrate count is more dependent on the person, that is why it is so important to have someone with proper certification advising you for the best possible results. Liz is amazing at walking you through what foods you can and can’t eat and giving you great tips and advice.)

But Let’s be honest, when I first heard the words grain/sugar free and about wanted to cry. I am a huge carbo-holic and even worse is my addiction to chocolate.

But I was also so tired of feeling terrible and having access weight I wanted to lose.

Sooooo I slowly weaned myself off of the foods I couldn’t eat.

The week before I knew I was going to start my diet I tried to cut out carbs and replace them with veggies so the “low carb flu” wouldn’t kick my butt as bad. Adding veggie was difficult for me… I’ve never been much of vegetable person but I just added a little each day and Pinterest became my new best friend for good recipes and ideas.

So let’s talk about the “low carb flu”

Yes, it exists and yes it sucks. It affects everyone a little differently and some people don’t even get it all…. that was not the case with me unfortunately…

So I started the complete diet on a Friday and thank goodness I didn’t work… I had the worst cravings for sugar the first 3 days and I was a little cranky (if you ask my boyfriend he would beg to differ and tell you that I was VERY cranky), but I didn’t give in and when I woke up on day four I felt great. I felt energized and super excited about this journey, the craving for sugar went away and I started craving salads and I completely enjoyed the flavors this diet has to offer!! Ahh butter and olive oil are now my best friends in the kitchen!

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