Week 4: Plateau Point

So I’ve officially hit a bit of a plateau and am stuck at right under my goal of losing 10lb in a month…. and it is extremely frustrating. You think me being young and active it would be easy to lose weight, but sometimes that’s not the case. (Remember everyone is different, our bodies are all very unique, so DON’T GIVE UP!!!!) So Liz had to break it down and explain to me that my body is just working on burning fat for energy still.

Which seeing that I mentioned energy, wow has my energy level increased. I’m no longer tired after long shifts at work or not getting enough sleep at night. (I work till midnight on Mondays and till 2am on Fridays and it use to take me two days and lots of coffee to feel normal again but it seems to take less effort to be functioning like a normal human being instead of feeling like a walking zombie)

Another positive I noticed is my clothes are beginning to fit very differently my pant size has dropped from a 6 to a 4 and my stomach seems flatter, which I’m super excited about. (The scale isn’t everything, don’t forget that or get discouraged when you weigh yourself and the numbers aren’t going down.)

Let’s talk about food for a second, last week I told you I struggled with variety, so let me tell you what I have started really adding to my diet. Publix and Aldi carry these small sweet peppers (they look like baby bell peppers and are red, orange and yellow) and they are my new obsession. I put them on salads, my bun-less burgers and I also use them as my chip replacement with guacamole or salsa. If you haven’t tried them I totally recommend it!!

Until next time Ladies and Gents keep working hard toward your goals !!

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