Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We Need Healthy Hormone Levels To Feel Our Best

We see the world through the lens of our hormones. If we are in balance we feel good and the world is a cheerful place. When out of balance we may lack energy and our world may be sad, frustrating or just less enjoyable than it used to be. Many factors can cause a decrease or imbalance in hormone levels. It can be a part of normal aging or may be a consequence of surgery, stress, poor diet, and/or blood sugar imbalances. Declining levels of essential hormones can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain despite a good diet and exercise, fatigue, mood swings, depression, lack of energy and/or motivation, and loss of libido – for both men and women.

Maintaining youthful hormone levels has many health benefits in addition to just plain making you feel good. Healthy hormone levels help protect the heart, maintain bone density, improve mental functioning, and increase energy just to name a few.

The best source for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Alabama

Why Bio-Identical

Full Life Wellness Center & Woman's Care - Natural TreatmentBio-identical hormones are manufactured to have the exact molecular structure as the hormones that are made by your own body. That is really important. Your body knows how use bio-identical hormones without the possible side effects and negative consequences of synthetic hormones. Drug companies cannot patent a bio-identical structure so they have created synthetic hormone acting drugs such as Premarin, Prempro, Provera, etc. These products are not the same as the hormones you make in your body. Bio-identical hormones are the same and are recognized as such by your body.

Bio-identical hormones are the only choice for helping to reinvigorate your life without the nasty side effects of the more traditional HRT treatment options. Your body wants what it originally was designed to have. Bio-identical, natural, subcutaneous pellet therapy is the only HRT option that will reestablish a normal hormonal process in your body

Individualized Care

At Full Life Wellness Center, our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners use a holistic approach to help you feel better. Our practitioners have extensive experience and success with the individualized care required for proper management of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The Doctor or Nurse Practitioner will begin with a comprehensive review of your symptoms. Testing is done with blood analysis at our in office lab. Then you will meet with the practitioner to discuss the results and if appropriate they will prescribe a dosage of bio-identical estrogen, testosterone, and/or progesterone.

Each patient is monitored carefully through regular follow up visits to ensure symptom relief at the lowest possible dose. Through their holistic management our doctors and nurse practitioners also investigate other areas such as vitamin D status, nutrition and thyroid function to help each patient achieve the best result. This is just one of the reasons that Full Life Wellness Center is the best choice for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in The Shoals.