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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy foodHippocrates

Food is our body’s primary means of communication with the outside world. Good nutrition is inseparable from good health. Although the optimal diet for different individuals may vary widely there are basic principles (blog post on Dr. Price’s characteristics of traditional diets) that apply to all. One basic aspect of real food, nutrient dense diets is to consume fresh, seasonal, locally grown food as much as possible. Not only will fresh, seasonal food taste better, but it will also have higher antioxidant and vitamin content than food grown far away and shipped a long distance. Local food also comes with the benefit of meeting the grower so that you can ask questions about how your food was produced.Florence, The Shoals, and North Alabama Locally Grown Good, Clean Food:

Bluewater-logo blackBluewater Creek Farm – A family owned and operated sustainable farm located in Center Star, Alabama. Producing grass-fed beef, pastured pork, eggs, seasonal pastured poultry, vegetables, fruits, honey and available to rent for events.

Bowers Farm (www.bowersfarmtn.com)

Heron Hollow Farm (https://www.facebook.com/heronhollowfarm)

Other resources for local food: