Weight Loss

Full Life Wellness Center & Woman's Care - HealthAt Full Life Wellness Center we use a real food, low carbohydrate (link to Art and Science.. in amazon store), ketogenic diet for weight loss. Research has consistently shown this dietary approach to be safe, effective, highly successful, and sustainable.  This is a satisfying way of eating for life, without being overly complex. The first appointment for our weight loss services includes a physical assessment, lab(link to info on in house lab) work, education about the diet, written materials to take home, sample supplements, a B12 & amino acid injection that boosts fat burning and other resources for support.  Subsequent visits provide ongoing education and customization of the diet for you, the individual, as well as addressing any issues you may have.  Recipes are always provided, as is a game plan for how to live in the real world and still eat well when there’s no time to cook!  As weight loss success is achieved other ongoing health goals can be addressed with a real food, nutrient dense diet and select supplements.

The core weight loss program is 12 weeks long. Clients generally come every week for 4 visits and then every 2 weeks for 4 visits. During this time they learn about real food and how to navigate America’s complicated food system. The primary goal is education so that the client develops the skills to make good food decisions that will support both weight loss and overall health. After completion of the core program many clients choose to return monthly for ongoing support.

Weight Loss Pricing

Initial Weight Loss Consult: $245


  • Nutrition education
  • Lab work
  • Resources and materials
  • Sample supplements
  • Physical assessment
  • MIC combo injection (a vitamin amino acid shot that boosts fat burning)

Follow Up Weight Loss Appointments: $50

Need help deciding if our weight loss program is right for YOU?

Schedule a $75 brief nutrition consult. We’ll provide you information about using low-carbohydrate nutrition to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Then follow up appointments can be determined by individual needs.

Brief Nutrition Consult