IV Nutrition

In today's world with increased stress and poor dietary intake, many people can benefit from supplementary nutrients. Impaired gut function is common, and often we don't absorb nutrients from food and supplements properly. Vitamin infusions can be a great way to boost nutrient stores. I.V. nutrition therapy may support the body during chronic health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, autoimmune diseases, and many more.

Myer's Cocktail - $150

At Full Life, we offer a vitamin infusion called the "Myer's Cocktail." Invented in the 1960s by Dr. John Myers, the vitamins and minerals found in the cocktail are important for energy, nerve and muscle function, metabolism, and protection from oxidative cell damage. It includes magnesium, vitamin C, and B vitamins. The nutrients are infused by means of a vein for about 20-45 minutes which bypasses the digestive system allowing for better delivery of the vitamins and minerals. Magnesium is one of the most important ingredients in the infusion since low magnesium levels are associated with muscle cramps and weakness, insomnia, and fatigue. Approximately 7 out of 10 Americans are deficient in magnesium, according to the USDA. Many patients also benefit from the B vitamins which may improve energy and enhance mood.

Glutathione - $50 add on

Many patients benefit greatly from adding glutathione to their Myer's Cocktail infusions. Glutathione is a "master antioxidant" and may help to prevent cell damage from oxidative stress, aid in detoxification, boost immunity, and support the liver.

I.V. nutrient therapy is a safe and effective way to give the body a boost and may result in improvement in symptoms of low energy, poor immune function, pain, and poor healing. I.V. nutrients are a wonderful strategy for preventative healthcare and support for the body during times of increased stress and athletic pursuits. You may experience some local redness from the I.V. site or may experience a warm feeling in your arm. Conditions associated with low nutrients levels and which may improve through I.V. nutrient therapy include:

Chronic Pain
Loss of appetite
Acute Muscle Spasms
Immune Suppression

Insurance does not cover I.V. nutrient therapy. If interested, please call and set up an appointment with one of our providers to explore if I.V. nutrient therapy could be of benefit for you.

Nutritional Counseling

Ashley B. Haselton

Ashley completed her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of North Alabama in 2005. She worked a corporate job for many years before realizing she wanted to pursue a career that helped bring healing to people on many levels. Her inspiration and passion for holistic health began in 2006 when she started seeking alternative avenues of addressing her own chronic health issues.

In June 2012, Ashley completed a 200-hr yoga teacher training. Since 2012, she has taught thousands of students in both public classes and private lessons, in local businesses, led yoga retreats and co-leads 200-hour yoga teacher training sessions at Shoals Yoga in Florence, AL.

In June 2018, she completed a holistic, functional nutrition certification and is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) by the Nutritional Therapy Association. At Full Life, she offers Wellness Consultations to help identify nutritional and system imbalances, while supporting, strengthening and balancing the foundations of health. She works with patients to improve nutrition, digestion, blood sugar regulation, and inflammation balance. 

She resides in Florence, Alabama with her husband, Josh (who also has a love and passion for holistic nutrition and healthy living) and Jaco (their 9 year old lab). She enjoys biking, yoga, cooking, hiking, working out, meditation, farmer’s markets, quaint coffee shops, foreign traveling, gardening, and backpacking.
Shoals Yoga

Bluewater Creek Farm Stand

We are proud to provide 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef and Pasture-Raised, Woodland Pork to our community right in our office.

Our mission is to produce nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way. To us, this means using farming practices that work with nature. This in turn increases the nutritional value of the food produced, shows respect for the living beings in our care, and makes a positive impact on our local environment.

It is our desire to use Bluewater Creek Farm as a platform to educate our community about the importance of real food, free of harmful chemicals and additives, sustainable farming methods, and a clean environment to achieve and maintain optimal health.
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