IV Nutrient Therapy

To assist you in getting healthier your provider may recommend IV Nutrient Therapy.

What does it help?

IV Nutrient Therapy is an effective means of providing vital nutrients directly to your body. It can be a beneficial adjunct to improving energy levels, mood, immune function, muscle aches, joint pains, brain fog, and overall sense of well being.

What is in IV Nutrient Therapy? 

We use sterile, compounded, pharmaceutical- grade nutritional injectables. Ingredients include: Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium, Glutathione, and others based on our current offerings.

What should I expect? 

The IV Nutrient solution is prepared immediately before administration. Your nurse will insert a small sterile catheter directly into a vein on your arm. The IV nutrient solution will infuse usually in 30-60 minutes but this may vary based on ingredients. The solution goes directly into your bloodstream and then the nutrients are transported into your cells where they provide their benefits. On occasion, some patients may experience head and body aches that resemble flu-like symptoms for a day or so after receiving IV Nutrient therapy. If this happens, do not worry. This phenomenon is associated with a process called detoxification. As your cells receive the nutrients they get “jump started” or "turned on” and begin pushing accumulated waste products and toxins out of the cell into the bloodstream. As with there waste, it is then excreted from the body. You may feel “out of sorts” for a short time but as unwanted waste and toxins are eliminated from your body you will feel more energized and healthier than before. Other patients may experience unusually high levels of energy, stamina, and focus.

Why get IV Nutrients when I can take nutritional supplements by mouth?

There are several different ways nutrition can enter the body. The best way is to eat a healthy diet that is high in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, the average diet is far from perfect and many of us do not eat even the minimum RDA for average health in a week, not to mention a day! Additionally, food produced today may come from depleted soils and have pesticide residue. Gut health also plays a role. Modern life often includes chronic stress, high sugar intake, infections, repeat antibiotics, and inadequate nutritional intake. These factors can lead to a poorly functioning digestive tract. Consequently, our nutrient absorption from the gut is not what it should be. All these elements make Nutrient IV therapy a great way to support the body’s nutritional status and improve its functioning.

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